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                                                            How We Work WithYou

Each patient advocacy request will be different. Patient Advocate Group  must review the request to see how we can help you. You will need to complete the last page on this website, "Contact Us". Once we receive your contact information, we will phone you.

You will next be asked to fax or mail us copies of your medical bills, Explanation of Benefits, correspondence and all other paperwork. We will contact you in 24 hours letting you know we we can help. At time of acceptance of this project, we will require a deposit be made before we can start to work.

Our fees are determined by the size of the issue, the complexity, how many hours it will take to resolve or locate the healthcare answers, etc. or in the case of medical bill negotiation, the fees are based on how much we can save you. If we cannot save you any money on your medical bills, you owe us nothing.

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Healthcare is an ingreal part of every families life, if not today possiblythen tomorrow.Making the right healthcare choice is difficult and confusing for everyone. Each healthcare decision has to be addressed independtly and resolved before proceeding to the next decision.Your healthcare choices involve everyone from your immediate family, your relatives, your friends who ask you for advice. Do you have the answers? Patient Advocate Group partnerships to maximize your healtcare dollars and ensure you always have a "liason" at your side, each step of the way. 


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