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Success Stories

Some of our greatest success stories (so far) that have made us especially happy and proud at Patient Advocate Group to have been able to have a part in making the "miracle" happen for someone. We would like to share on our website just a few of these stories that have excited us the most to date. Updated.
  • A call from a distraught family member asking for help allowed Patient Advocate Group to quickly be called into action. The woman's father had routine hip replacement surgery in Florida. Everything went well until he was moved to a nursing home. His condition deteriorated. We intervened by calling the State of Florida's Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) office. Quickly, a representative was assigned
    to this case & intervened to start an appeal with Medicare.       S., Chicago 2/10 
  • Referred by a friend, a woman who was having trouble affording her prescriptions even though she had a prescription plan. Patient Advocate Group contacted several Pharmaceutical companies Patient Assistance Groups asking for free medication to no avail as two medications were expensive & were not available. Next PAG contacted Medicare requesting help for the woman but she did not qualify under the Extra Help plan of Medicare's. Finally, PAG contacted her Medicare Advantage plan requesting help with the cost of these meds; after being turned down several times PAG contacted the Sales Deptartment of the pharmaceutical company and explained the Emergency situation. They agreed to review the woman's qualifications. At almost the same time, both the Medicare Advantage plan agreed to giving the woman the pills at a very low cost and the pharmaceutical company agreed to provide the pills at no cost to the woman.                                                            S, Orlando 1/11
  • Frustrated with continuous denials by Medicare for claims submitted covering a period of two years, a patient was referreed to us for help. After going around &  around with Medicare, it was finally determined that the claims were ineligible under the Medicare guidelines. All claims were submitted to his secondary insurance and paid quickly.                      R., Plano 10/09
  • A family member contacted us regarding their mother who had cancer and many, many bills. The woman was actually avoiding some treatments just so she would not burden her family with more bills that they could not afford. Patient Advocate Group was asked to find some way to help pay these bills as their small policy was unable to pay only half the bills each month. PAG researched insurance plans and programs that might help with these expenses. PAG discovered a Medicaid plan almost unheard of called Medicaid for the "Medically Needy". The plan actually piggy backs on top of your current insurance and based on the insured's salary, picks up the balance of the bills each month that your plan will not pay and, you automatically become covered by Medicaid for the rest of the month for any other bills.  The woman was accepted by this plan.                                                L, Orlando 12/10
                                                              Our Philosophy
Because our staff has worked in all areas of healthcare, we are able to use our experience to resolve issues quickly. Past experience in medical billing, Medicare billing, coding, patient advocacy, nursing in hospitals, we know and understand healthcare today. Helping you and your family resolve your issues would be our pleasure.
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